Pollinator promotional material

Pollinator promotional material Materials for promoting pollinator actions in workplace sites, in order to preserve bee species. Material: Various. Source: National Biodiversity Data Centre. See more: Pollinator promotional material.  

Industrial energy saving – Posters

Industrial energy saving – BC Hydro posters A series of employee awareness posters for industrial facilities developed by BC Hydro. Material: Posters. Source: BC Hydro. See more: Industrial energy saving posters.  

Waterwise Office Posters

Waterwise Posters A range of water saving posters for offices and other buildings. Material: Posters Source: Waterwise UK. See more: Waterwise posters

Simple Actions – campaign

Simple Actions – campaign The Simple Actions campaign aimed to support and encourage 50,000 NHS staff on Merseyside to cut waste, conserve energy, and reduce carbon. Devised and delivered by the Carbon Collective, a group of NHS Trusts on Merseyside dedicated to reducing their carbon imprint, the campaign was themed Simple Actions by staff to …

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Office lights left on Poster

Office lights left on Office lights left on overnight use enough energy in a year to heat a home for almost 5 months. Source: The Carbonn Trust See more: Posters and stickers for employee awareness

Compressed air leak

Compressed air leak the size of a match head A compressed air leak the size of a match head is responsible for yearly CO2 emiaaions equasl to the weight of an elephant. Source: The Carbonn Trust See more: Posters and stickers for employee awareness

Poster series – Waterwise UK

Poster series from Waterwise UK Poster series on saving water from Waterwise UK. Source: Waterwise UK See more: Waterwise OR email  

Halloween poster puns

Halloween themed energy saving posters We’re more likely to notice something if we think it’s fun. Along with capitalising on seasonal events, this was behind the thinking of Dublin’s Energy Agency, Codema, when it developed its Halloween Poster Pun series, as part of its Think Energy campaign. Released in Civic Offices in the run up …

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