Marine Facts

Marine Facts from the Marine Institute A series of facts from the Marine Institute about the relevance of the ocean to our daily lives. Type of material: Posters. Source: The Marine Institute. See more: Marine facts    

Conscious Cup

Conscious Cup Campaign The Conscious Cup Campaign is an initiative which seeks to reduce and eventually eliminate the use of disposable cups in Ireland. The campaign aims to increase the use of reusable cups, by encouraging cafes and other outlets to incentivise this through discounts and loyalty schemes. Type of material: Support · Guidelines · …

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Smart printing campaign

Smart printing campaign from Alameda County A campaign which encouraged employees to use smart printing strategies and reduce paper use by participating in a smart printing contest and sharing tips. The campaign includes: Talking points · Email templates · DIY Poster · A presentation · Online contest survey Type of material: Talking points · Email …

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Think Beyond the Bin – Campaign

Think Beyond the Bin Resources to help implement a range of reuse, recycle and repurpose programmes in buildings. Type of material: Various. Source: CitySwitch. See more: Think Beyond the Bin      

Use only what you need

Use only what you need Award winning campaign on water conservation from Denver Water – Use Only What You Need – which became an advertising legend in the state. The campaign used highly original content and slogans to get the message across. Type of material: Various. Source: Denver Water. See more: Use only what you …

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Sustainable Development Goals

Sustainable Development Global Goals Here you can find media content and graphical assets for communicating the Global Goals, including Media cards, Icons for the goals, Videos and more. Type of material: Various. Source: Project Everyone and the Global Goals Campaign. See more: Resources for the Global Goals                 …

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Climate changes health – Posters

Climate changes health – Posters A range of posters from the Office of Sustainability at the University of California San Francisco under the theme “Climate Changes Health,” in order to emphasize the connection between climate change and health. The goal of the campaign is to provide a better understanding of how the environmental consequences of …

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Choose.Reuse waste Toolkit

Choose.Reuse waste Toolkit A behaviour change toolkit for some of the most visible problem waste items: disposable coffee cups, takeaway containers, straws and plastic bags. It contains a suite of communications and tracking materials which any business can use within its office to encourage staff to take reusable cups, containers and bags when heading out …

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Gremlins – Energy, Water, Waste

Gremlins – Energy, Water, Waste Images / Poster / Signage to remind staff to be resource efficient in the workplace workplace. Type of material: Posters Source: EPA. See more: Contact the Green Teams National Programme      

Energy/carbon saving in Industry

Energy & carbon saving in Industry Materials for promoting energy & carbon saving on industrial sites. Material: Various. Source: Mineral Products Association and The Carbon Trust. See more: MPA Resources.  

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