Marine Facts

Marine Facts from the Marine Institute A series of facts from the Marine Institute about the relevance of the ocean to our daily lives. Type of material: Posters. Source: The Marine Institute. See more: Marine facts    

Green Tips – Animations

Green Tips – Animations from the European Environment Agency Short animations on the small actions you can take to lead a “greener” life. Type of material: Video animations. Source: European Environment Agency. See more: Green Tips Animations      

Sustainable events – Guide

How to plan and deliver environmentally sustainable events This helpful how-to guide provides you with simple, practical steps to support your planning and delivery of sustainable events and help to minimise your use of resources. It is written primarily for event organisers as an aide memoire – a useful source of top tips and signposts …

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Sustainable Development Goals

Sustainable Development Global Goals Here you can find media content and graphical assets for communicating the Global Goals, including Media cards, Icons for the goals, Videos and more. Type of material: Various. Source: Project Everyone and the Global Goals Campaign. See more: Resources for the Global Goals                 …

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Sustainability explained – Video

Sustainability explained – Video Sustainability explained through a 2 min. animation video. Type of material: Video Source: Real Eyes. See more: Sustainability explained through animation                          

What is sustainability? – Video

What is sustainability? – Video A short 9 min. video which outlines what is sustainability. Created by Christian Weisser (Professor at Penn State University, Berks, US) & Erik Lewis. Source: Christian Weisser & Erik Lewis. See more: What is sustainability?                          

Lazy Person’s Guide

The Lazy Person’s Guide to Saving the World Things you can do from your couch (and more) to make an impact. Source: United Nations. See more: The Lazy Person’s Guide to Saving the World.                          

IdleBox – Idling Reduction Toolkit

IdleBox – Idling Reduction Toolkit IdleBox is a communication toolkit for vehicle idling reduction. It contains a range of materials including Fact cards, Tip sheets, Stickers, Posters, Presentations, Pledge forms, etc. It also includes specific materials for different vehicle types: Personal vehicles, Light/Medium/Heavy Duty vehicles and Specialist vehicles. Material: Various. Source: U.S. Department of Energy. …

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Sustainability Primer

Sustainability Primer Overview of what is sustainability (13 pages) Source: The Natural Step Canada. See more: Sustainability Primer

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