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Green Tips – Animations

Green Tips – Animations from the European Environment Agency Short animations on the small actions you can take to lead a “greener” life. Type of material: Video animations. Source: European Environment Agency. See more: Green Tips Animations      

Staff Engagement – Video

Get Your Employees Engaged Doug Conant, former president and CEO of the Campbell Soup Company, gives practical insights on to how to get employees engaged. Type of material: Video Source: Harvard Business Review. See more: Get your employees engaged                      

Public transport video

Midtraffik bus commercial Midttrafik is a Danish bus company who developed this epic bus-transport video advertisement which got millions of views on YouTube. Type of material: Video. Source: Midttrafik. See more: Midttrafik bus commercial                    

Think Beyond the Bin – Campaign

Think Beyond the Bin Resources to help implement a range of reuse, recycle and repurpose programmes in buildings. Type of material: Various. Source: CitySwitch. See more: Think Beyond the Bin      

Global warming (NASA media)

Global warming – multimedia from NASA A selection of media from NASA highlighting global warming and climate change issues. Type of material: Various. Source: NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory. See more: NASA graphics & multimedia resources      

Use only what you need

Use only what you need Award winning campaign on water conservation from Denver Water – Use Only What You Need – which became an advertising legend in the state. The campaign used highly original content and slogans to get the message across. Type of material: Various. Source: Denver Water. See more: Use only what you […]

Sustainable Development Goals

Sustainable Development Global Goals Here you can find media content and graphical assets for communicating the Global Goals, including Media cards, Icons for the goals, Videos and more. Type of material: Various. Source: Project Everyone and the Global Goals Campaign. See more: Resources for the Global Goals                 […]

Sustainability explained – Video

Sustainability explained – Video Sustainability explained through a 2 min. animation video. Type of material: Video Source: Real Eyes. See more: Sustainability explained through animation                          

What is sustainability? – Video

What is sustainability? – Video A short 9 min. video which outlines what is sustainability. Created by Christian Weisser (Professor at Penn State University, Berks, US) & Erik Lewis. Source: Christian Weisser & Erik Lewis. See more: What is sustainability?                          

Save more than fuel – Videos

Save more than fuel – Videos 10 video tips to help you drive more efficiently and reduce emissions. Source: Fuels Europe. See more: Save more than fuel.