Marine Facts

Marine Facts from the Marine Institute A series of facts from the Marine Institute about the relevance of the ocean to our daily lives. Type of material: Posters. Source: The Marine Institute. See more: Marine facts    

Resource Efficiency Wallchart

Resource efficiency programme wallchart for the retail sector Wallchart on organising a resource efficiency programme in the retail sector. Type of material: Wallchart. Source: Environmental Protection Agency. See more: Retail programme wallchart                      

Home heating – Infographic

Better ways to heat your home – infographic Infographic from the EPA outlining the range of options for heating your home and their impact on air quality and health. Type of material: Infographic. Source: Environmental Protection Agency. See more: Better ways to heat your home – infographic                 …

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Top 50 Tips – Images

Top 50 Tips for greening your office space Top 50 Tips for greening your office space, covering energy, waste and water, from the Environmental Protection Agency. Type of material: Icon images with tips. Source: Environmental Protection Agency. See more: Top 50 Tips for greening your office space    

250 Energy Efficiency Measures

250 Energy Efficiency Measures 250 energy efficiency measures that building users, owners and operators can apply to maximize energy savings in buildings. The online tool classifies the measures according to different criteria, including behavioural measures, providing an easy method to find the most appropriate one. Type of material: Guide. Source: Training behaviours for energy efficiency. …

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Global warming (NASA media)

Global warming – multimedia from NASA A selection of media from NASA highlighting global warming and climate change issues. Type of material: Various. Source: NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory. See more: NASA graphics & multimedia resources      

Catering Energy Savings – Toolkit

Energy Savings in Kitchens – Toolkit Toolkit to help kitchen managers work with staff in their kitchens to reduce energy consumption through simple behavioural actions. The toolkit is divided into seven campaign planning steps. Type of material: Toolit/Guide. Source: GreenCare (based on Energy Wise Kitchen Toolkit created by BC Hydro and Fortis BC). See more: …

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Climate changes health – Posters

Climate changes health – Posters A range of posters from the Office of Sustainability at the University of California San Francisco under the theme “Climate Changes Health,” in order to emphasize the connection between climate change and health. The goal of the campaign is to provide a better understanding of how the environmental consequences of …

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Gremlins – Energy, Water, Waste

Gremlins – Energy, Water, Waste Images / Poster / Signage to remind staff to be resource efficient in the workplace workplace. Type of material: Posters Source: EPA. See more: Contact the Green Teams National Programme      

Save more than fuel – Videos

Save more than fuel – Videos 10 video tips to help you drive more efficiently and reduce emissions. Source: Fuels Europe. See more: Save more than fuel.                      

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