Marine Facts

Marine Facts from the Marine Institute A series of facts from the Marine Institute about the relevance of the ocean to our daily lives. Type of material: Posters. Source: The Marine Institute. See more: Marine facts    

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Biodiversity Data Capture App

Biodiversity Data Capture App A smartphone app that allows quick and easy recording of biodiversity in the field. The Biodiversity Data Capture app allows recorders to capture details of any species they encounter in the field, and send the records directly to the National Biodiversity Data Centre’s national database. The app generates a co-ordinate automatically

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Tips for Biodiversity

52 Tips for Biodiversity The simple tips in this handy guide can help you make a difference. Eating local foods when they are in season, reducing wasted water, composting food waste, or getting to know more about the animal and plant species that live in your local areas … if everyone takes just some of

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