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Energy/carbon saving in Industry

Energy & carbon saving in Industry Materials for promoting energy & carbon saving on industrial sites. Material: Various. Source: Mineral Products Association and The Carbon Trust. See more: MPA Resources.  

Industrial energy saving – Posters

Industrial energy saving – BC Hydro posters A series of employee awareness posters for industrial facilities developed by BC Hydro. Material: Posters. Source: BC Hydro. See more: Industrial energy saving posters.  

Data visualisation – feedback

Data visualisation – feedback Providing feedback on energy and resource use is an essential part of an effective staff engagement programme. This video shows how feedback is used to make the energy data visible to the people who can make an impact on energy use, i.e. the operators on the production floor. The visualisation dashboard […]

Your Workplace Without Waste

Your Workplace Without Waste This innovative, lively and fun employee engagement programme is designed to help food and drink manufacturers and retailers reduce food and packaging waste within their operations. Material: Guides, Presentations, Training activities, Posters etc. Source: WRAP. See more: Your Workplace Without Waste.            

Toolbox Talk Cards

Toolbox Talk Cards for Industry and Commercial Buildings AUDIENCE: Production, maintenance and purchasing staff and technicians. PURPOSE: “Toolbox Talks on Energy Efficiency.” The cards provide key learning points and discussion topics on energy efficiency to engage your team in discussions on energy use in industrial facilities. USE: Use this card set during a weekly or […]

Compressed air leak

Compressed air leak the size of a match head A compressed air leak the size of a match head is responsible for yearly CO2 emiaaions equasl to the weight of an elephant. Source: The Carbonn Trust See more: Posters and stickers for employee awareness