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Marine Facts

Marine Facts from the Marine Institute A series of facts from the Marine Institute about the relevance of the ocean to our daily lives. Type of material: Posters. Source: The Marine Institute. See more: Marine facts    

Home heating – Infographic

Better ways to heat your home – infographic Infographic from the EPA outlining the range of options for heating your home and their impact on air quality and health. Type of material: Infographic. Source: Environmental Protection Agency. See more: Better ways to heat your home – infographic                 …

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Top 50 Tips – Images

Top 50 Tips for greening your office space Top 50 Tips for greening your office space, covering energy, waste and water, from the Environmental Protection Agency. Type of material: Icon images with tips. Source: Environmental Protection Agency. See more: Top 50 Tips for greening your office space    

Green Tips – Animations

Green Tips – Animations from the European Environment Agency Short animations on the small actions you can take to lead a “greener” life. Type of material: Video animations. Source: European Environment Agency. See more: Green Tips Animations      

Staff Engagement – Video

Get Your Employees Engaged Doug Conant, former president and CEO of the Campbell Soup Company, gives practical insights on to how to get employees engaged. Type of material: Video Source: Harvard Business Review. See more: Get your employees engaged                      

Conscious Cup

Conscious Cup Campaign The Conscious Cup Campaign is an initiative which seeks to reduce and eventually eliminate the use of disposable cups in Ireland. The campaign aims to increase the use of reusable cups, by encouraging cafes and other outlets to incentivise this through discounts and loyalty schemes. Type of material: Support · Guidelines · …

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Coffe cup toolkit

Reusable Coffee Cup Toolkit A behaviour change toolkit for one of the most visible problem waste items: disposable coffee cups. It contains a suite of communications and tracking materials which any business can use within its office as part of a campaign to encourage staff to take reusable cups when buying coffee. It’s designed to …

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Smart printing campaign

Smart printing campaign from Alameda County A campaign which encouraged employees to use smart printing strategies and reduce paper use by participating in a smart printing contest and sharing tips. The campaign includes: Talking points · Email templates · DIY Poster · A presentation · Online contest survey Type of material: Talking points · Email …

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Sustainable events – Guide

How to plan and deliver environmentally sustainable events This helpful how-to guide provides you with simple, practical steps to support your planning and delivery of sustainable events and help to minimise your use of resources. It is written primarily for event organisers as an aide memoire – a useful source of top tips and signposts …

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Public transport video

Midtraffik bus commercial Midttrafik is a Danish bus company who developed this epic bus-transport video advertisement which got millions of views on YouTube. Type of material: Video. Source: Midttrafik. See more: Midttrafik bus commercial                    

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