Participants in the programme

Rosderra Irish Meats

Rosderra Irish Meats Group is the largest pork processing company in Ireland, with state-of-the-art facilities at several locations throughout the country. The company is committed to improving its high standards of environmental performance by continuous improvement across the business. To demonstrate this commitment, Rosderra has implemented the Origin Green Programme.

Waterford Institute of Technology

Waterford Institute of Technology (WIT) believes that protection of the environment is an integral part of management of its estate. The Institute seeks to make the most effective and efficient use of all resources, encouraging all members of the Institute community to develop an ecologically sound approach to contribute at local, regional, national & beyond to the sustainable use of natural resources.

Roscommon County Council

The Roscommon County Council green team participated in the programme. The council is committed to improving its high standards of environmental performance by continuous improvement across its operations.

Brown Thomas Arnotts

We recognise our role and responsibility in running our business in a way that is good for people, planet and community. We are at an early stage, but committed to a sustainability roadmap of continuous improvement.

Department of Justice and Equality

Government recognises that the public service must demonstrate its commitment to sustainable development and use its influence to persuade others of the changes required to reduce our impact on the environment. The Department of Justice and Equality is currently developing a Resource Efficiency Action Plan to help put this commitment into practice.

A selection of graduates

Shane McHugh

Rosderra Irish Meats

“The Green Teams programme helped me put things in perspective, especially with getting other people on board. One project now in planning is to change close to 200 light fittings to LED fittings, with a potential payback of 3 years”

Terry O'Brien

Waterford Institute of Technology

“The Green Teams programme opened my eyes to a lot of possibilities and I found it worthwhile personally and professionally”

Stephen Dowling

Waterford Institute of Technology

“I would recommend the Green Teams programme to anyone who wants to get to grips with sustainability and resource use in the workplace. It’s easy to follow and full of ideas that you can apply in your own operations”

Barry Guilfoyle

Rosderra Irish Meats

“The programme provides ideal all-round coverage of the main environmental themes relevant to the workplace. You also get a good insight on how to influence staff behaviour across the organisation. Well worth the effort.”

Jurgen Bauer

Waterford Institute of Technology

“Sustainability is a crucial issue for the country and we must work collaboratively to bring about change. The Green Teams programme provides an excellent introduction to the issue and stresses the importance of working together.”

John O'Connor

Rosderra Irish Meats

“Don’t forget the low-hanging fruit. There are plenty of opportunities to save that are relatively cheap and easy to achieve. Improving knowledge and awareness may take some time and effort but can yield the biggest rewards.”

David Kane

Waterford Institute of Technology

“The programme provides a very sound footing for reducing environmental impact in the workplace. There was also a lot of useful information which will help me get to grips with resource use in our facilities“

Thomas Dowling

Waterford Institute of Technology

“The modules were comprehensive and easy to follow, including background and real-world application. For the wealth of information you’ll receive it’s definitely worth the effort.


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